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Hmmm. What do I say?

Well, I will start by telling you to not waste too much time reading about me. You have so many better things you could be doing. But, I guess, you are here to know my "profile" so here goes.


I was born in 1955. 

Let me just say that we all have a life to do something with. Most of the stuff I have done, that is worth writing about, happened by the grace of God. So, I really can't take credit for the best stuff.


When I say "the best stuff" I am talking about things like being a Dad. Or having great parents. Or meeting amazing people. 


When I was very young I was interested in two things: art and music. Consequently I have spent my life making both. 

The music seemed more important than the art in my younger years. I followed the 'rock-and-roll' dream that a lot of young people are seduced by. I didn't become famous at it but I did everything a famous musician did. I wrote songs, I recorded records, I did live shows... you get the picture.

Somehow making records introduced me to a lot of radio people. So I ended up working in radio stations for 36 years. Most of that work was with my partner, Robin. We were co-hosts on a morning program. We both retired from that on January 17, 2020. 

Through it all, the art has always been there. I have always drawn, or painted, and people have always asked me to do artwork for them in one form or another.

Now, as an older man, art has become the bigger part of me. 

So, here I am. Sitting in an apartment in Florida. Robin is sleeping in another room. I am looking out the window as the traffic passes by and I'm writing about myself.  


Let me end with this: Whoever you are, whatever you hope to become, pursue your passions and follow your dreams and make sure to embrace the gifts you have been given. Those gifts are your talents, your family, your health,...


You know all this stuff. 


Just take care of yourself, be good, and call your parents once in a while. Deal? - Larry Whitler

Photo of artist Larry Whitler
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