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Larry Whitler - 12 String Poet: Home


Thank-you for visiting my website! 

I have several passions. Two of them are music and you.

I believe in you and I want to encourage you to be everything you are and were made to be. My hope is that my encouragement for you makes its way to you through my music.

But, even if you choose to not listen to my music or if my style is simply not your "cup of tea" please know this: Nobody can do for the world those things that you, and you alone, were made to do. So don't ever let anyone ever discourage you or in any way stop you from being all you that you can be.

Musically, for me, it's all about the song. That mysteriously magical thing that happens when a lyric is married to a melody. The writing process is invigorating and exciting while simultaneously being exasperating and difficult. It is that moment when music is being composed and a lyric is being written when I am truly the "artist at his easel."

The creative process continues when the song is brought into the studio to be recorded because, as in writing, the production and arrangement processes also have their own sets of challenges. Those challenges are always dictated by the song itself and the task at hand at that moment is to be true to the song and carefully craft a recording that reflects what the song is about.

Part three, for me, is to then take that song and perform it. It is the purest form of displaying this work of art called a song and is the only place where the magic of the creation is reflected back to me from a room full of interested listeners. The moment when a song connects with an audience is the most magical moment in the existence of a song.

If your group would like a coffeehouse concert please contact me. 

The links below will enable you to view and/or download documents from my media kit.

Larry Whitler Biography

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